Saturday, August 29, 2009

Google Chrome Multiple Home Pages

Recently I started using Google's browser Chrome (well technically chromium) on Linux for my browsing needs. It is very fast, low on CPU and Memory, I quite like it. I am now also sure Flash plugin is teh CPU hog pig :) Anyway, one really cool feature I missed from Firefox was the ability to set multiple pages as the homepage. The thing is, I follow quite a lot of tech news sites, and I need to check them every now and then. In firefox, I'd just click the Home button, and it would open all of them, I could not find this functionality out of the box with Chrome. What is a geek to do ? Well of course write some javascript :)

So, here is how I resolved this issue:
- Open a new tab, the bookmarks toolbar appears, right click it choose add page
- Choose a Name for the bookmark
- In the URL field, paste the following javascript

javascript:(function(){ window.location.href='';'');'');''); })();

That is it :) Keep adding more sites as much as you want. Pretty straightforward, but I thought I'd blog it since it might not be all that obvious