Saturday, April 10, 2010

Android map navigation in Cairo

woot! Android map navigation working in Cairo now! See how it works in the following animated sequence. A few cool things to notice:

1- It can start navigation from my location, which it knows by cell tours or GPS
2- I don't write my destination, I speak it out, it travels to google servers, gets recognized and comes back as text
3- It searches local areas, to identify the exact destination
4- then provides turn-by-turn instructions .. woohoo .. the future is now


Now the negatives:
1- No voice instructions .. you actually have to read ;)
2- The choice of routes, is not always what would make sense to me. I'll try to see how can I make it change its routing decisions

Thanks Google


LiNuXaWy said...

Wow, that looks really cool, it just misses the arabic.

Abdelrahman said...


Abdelrahman said...

when do we create an app that works offline using OSM data???

Mohammed Azmy said...

How amazing, really!!

Navy Shoukry said...

Hi,, I tried it but I get a notice saying"google maps navigation is not yet available in this location" and as you said the voice navigation does not work and most places are not identified. Can you help please?? Thanks and hope to hear from u soon. Nivin