Friday, October 22, 2010

Hello Planet-Ubuntu

Hello World! I just became an Ubuntu member yesterday, which means I will no longer be on mute ;) I'm working as the Ubuntu Cloud community liaison, which means I finally bring some cloud and server content to this space instead of all being around fluffy desktops :) If you're interested in using or contributing to Ubuntu in a "cloud" context, feel free to grab me (kim0 on Freenode #ubuntu-cloud). Feel free to drop in, say hi, ask questions or whatever you need. Besides this blog, you may also be interested in my tweets. I'm very proud being part of this great community. Rock on!

1 comment:

Jeremy said...

Haha, your comment about being on "mute" is sadly funny. It really doesn't affect too much, I just don't have direct access to post to the planet and can't really participate in ubuntu-devel discussions.

I really would like to be a member but it will probably take me a while still.