Friday, February 18, 2011

Volunteer QA to Ubuntu Server

A great way to help contribute to Ubuntu and ensure Ubuntu Server remains the rock solid platform that it is, is by committing to helping perform specific QA tests in predefined scenarios. If you're interested, the following test cases specifically need someone to step up and commit to them
These tests are being marked as NOT required for ISO release exit criteria for Ubuntu Server. Quoting Robbie Williamson "Our decision was based on the lack of consistently available resources to verify these configurations. With that said, we are keeping them optional"

Robbie adds "Anyone wishing to reverse this decision, please contact me directly.  I have no problem adding them back along with your agreement to run them for each ISO release"

Again that's a great way to contribute to Ubuntu. If interested please contact Robbie directly, or contact me (leave a comment right here) and I will help get you on track


BamaRob said...

I have an ESX environment available and would be happy to test the server install.

Robert Aldridge

Anonymous said...

I'll be glad to keep doing them.

I've done the maverick and 10.04.2 release testing on esx.

I have a few iscsi san's I can work with to do the iscsi tests.

Guess that only leaves learning kvm to do that test and they are all done.

Ahmed Kamal said...

Awesome! I'm emailing you guys to get you involved! Thanks a lot :)

BamaRob said...

It sounds as if patrickdk is much more qualified since he's done this testing in the past. He gets my vote. :)

patrickdk, if I can help, let me know.