Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ensemble Cloud Community Meeting

Ensemble is an exciting new cloud technology innovated by Ubuntu. If you’re curious what it does (I bet you are) it is a service orchestration framework with focus on rapid cloud deployment. That is to say, it allows one to rapidly deploy cloud instances, bootstrap them, install software on them, configure them as well as link them all together to provide you (as a sys-admin or DevOp) with an end-user facing high-level “service” (Load Balanced CMS with sharded Database, Multinode email service installation…etc). Ensemble has been compared to being APT for the cloud! Now does that sound interesting, it sure is if you ask me! Welcome to next generation Linux infrastructure automation.

If that got you interested, be sure to attend the weekly IRC meeting on Wed 18:00-UTC on #ubuntu-cloud
Feel free to tweet/dent and spread this around the globe. Got feedback? Leave me comments on cloud.ubuntu.com or on my blog

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