Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ubuntu Server news storm

Check out my interview with Dustin Kirkland. Take a sneak peak into Ubuntu Server's future directions. The server team is working on some pretty exciting technologies for the natty release and later. Things touched on

  • Virtualization and LXC improvements
  • Higher quality Java packaging
  • Automated Server ISO testing, ensuring rock solid releases
  • Even more Upstart polish
  • Improving Ubuntu server's Cluster stack
  • Datacenter power efficiency with powernap
  • UEC and EC2 image improvements, pv-grub support
  • Cloud "desktop" images! wow!
  • HUGE project for cloud/data-center automatic deployment, management, monitoring, debugging. IMO this takes Ubuntu server way above anything out there. The technology is all about picking and integrating the best of breed open-source server technologies. While you could always do that work yourself, having a tightly integrated stack that is known to work, is what makes Ubuntu server an easy and fun platform to build upon
Exciting times indeed, check out the full interview at

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