Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hack on Ubuntu Cloud Utils

Want a chance to hack on the cloud? Yes Ubuntu cloud code? What could possibly be cooler! For us cloud geeks, almost nothing! So, here's the deal. Ubuntu aims to be the best operating system for the cloud, period. Part of that is delivering code and utilities to ease common tasks for people working with Ubuntu as a guest cloud OS. For that I've suggested a utility to migrate ec2 ebs based images across different Amazon regions. Conceptually, what's needed is simple, a tool needs to be written to spin up two virtual servers in the two regions and sync the disks across them then terminate. The Ubuntu server team agrees it's a needed utility, and if done right, it should end up being shipped with Ubuntu (coolness!)

I have written step by step, what needs to be done to accomplish this task in a BluePrint. For those new to that term, BluePrints are Ubuntu's way of writing software specs in the open, where everyone can read and comment on them (don't you just love open!). So, if you're ready to start contributing, click that blueprint link, decide whether you want to hack on this tool, ping me and let's start working on it! For any questions or discussions, please drop by on Freenode IRC #ubuntu-cloud (if you're new to IRC, use this web UI instead A great time to discuss this, would be today (Wed) 6pm-UTC during the weekly cloud community meeting. If you miss the meeting no problemo, just talk in the channel anytime, most people are there all the time anyway. I'm already hyper excited. Any questions or feedback? let me know in comments below

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