Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Ensemble deploy and scale cloud apps

Think deploying and scaling your cloud application is hard ? Think again!


Check out this video demo, where I deploy a multi-tiered cloud application. I'm deploying

  • HAproxy load balancer
  • Memcached caching server
  • MediaWiki application server
  • MySQL DB
connecting them together and getting it working. After which, I'm scaling the whole thing from two application servers, to four

How long it takes me ? Well basically 5 minutes for the whole thing!
The secret: Ensemble !

Here's the video

Here is a direct link if you can't see the player

So what do you guys think, like the demo ? Leave me a comment, let me know which demo you'd like to see next. Also if you'd like to see your favorite application deployed with Ensemble, leave me a comment or ping me (kim0) on freenode irc

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