Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Egypt LoCo Maverick release party

The fun is everywhere :)

Toulan طولان

A link to the whole set

Ubuntu is free, fun and global!


Anonymous said...

Why can't we have something like this in Kuwait :(

But I'm happy for you guys ^^

Ahmed Kamal said...

Indeed why not! You may start a Kuwait loco team, and spread the fun :)

Anonymous said...

You probably know how small kuwait is, if not wiki it! People interested in Ubuntu are few, you'd get more if you generalized it a bit and said linux! Even when we got a LUG, it died! We're not that much to have such fun! ... So we tried to enlarge the circle a bit more and made it an Open Source team since it would gather linux users and others, but still, it died! However, it just started to shape up again! :D

... So a LoCo in Kuwait? I'll have to dream about it for the time being! :(

GaMaL said...

It was a nice day and I had a nice chat with you, thanks for being there :)