Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ubuntu Server in EC2 Cloud, Easy!

I am starting to create a series of screencasts to demonstrate various topics relating to running Ubuntu on the cloud or as the cloud. The first video demos how easy it is to start your very first Ubuntu server in the Amazon EC2 cloud. If you ever wanted to play with Ubuntu server in the cloud and had any doubts, this video should put them to rest :)

If you think that is cool, and if you want to contribute your own, please grab me.It's real easy to create such screencasts, I can help get you kick-started. And hey you'd be helping the Ubuntu community, and on your way to becoming an online celebrity, what's not to like! If you'd like to follow similar screencasts, subscribe to this youtube channel

Let me know in comments what you would like to see in future screencasts, or whether certain topics interest you. If you are using Ubuntu server in the cloud professionally, I'm very interested to hear back from you. Grab me (kim0) on #ubuntu-cloud on IRC (freenode) for a chat. Awaiting the flood of screencasts :)


Anonymous said...

Great. Thank you. I can't wait for the next videos. Will they also be about EC2?
Is this what you can do when you go for the AWS Free Usage Tier?

Ahmed Kamal said...

You're welcome :) Thanks

Yes, that's what you get with the free AWS tier. The videos should be about anything relating to ubuntu in the cloud, for the next few casts I'll be focusing on ec2 though. If you're interested in contributing, let me know :)

Anonymous said...

Contribute? I would love to, but first I want/need to learn. Setting up my first online VPS. Have tinkered with virtualbox for a while.
What software did you use to make the screencast?

Ahmed Kamal said...

This is my first screencast ever too :) so no worries

An easy way to create casts is to use gtk-recordmydesktop. However I ended up using a command line tool "ffmpeg"

I'll probably write a blog post on how I do the casts hehe

Anonymous said...

Very good idea. Looking forward to howto on screencasts.