Monday, November 22, 2010

Ubuntu Cloud Screencasts Volunteers

Interested in Ubuntu cloud community ? Want to help ? Awesome! here is your chance

Screencasts are a great way to introduce new-comers to something new. I always find it helpful to view a couple of short videos to "get-a-feel" of thingX before I actually start reading and working on it. That's why I'd like to start a screencast series introducing running Ubuntu in the cloud. The target is to start by simple stuff (no voodoo here sorry) in order to demo how simple running Ubuntu in the cloud really is. Of course this can grow into a gigantic series, however for starters I'd like to focus on basic and very common use cases. Here are a few casts I would like to begin with:
  • Creating your first Ubuntu server in the cloud (GUI, CLI or both)
  • Introducing Ubuntu Cloud-Init technology
  • Customizing (Re-bundling) available Ubuntu images (AMIs)
  • Launching a LAMP app on the cloud
  • Backing up your Ubuntu LAMP cloud instance
  • Creating and Load Balancing a multi-tier LAMP app
This list is by no means set in stone :) This is a dynamic list that will change according to feedback. Feel free to join the ubuntu-cloud mailing list at: to discuss and change those topics.

If you're interested to record any of those casts, please do shout at me! You can email me kim0 [AT] or grab me for a chat in #ubuntu-cloud IRC channel on Freenode

If you're new to all this cloud stuff, and would like to see a screencast covering a certain topic, please let me know in the comments (or email, mailing list, irc ...). If there's some demand on a specific topic, I'll try to cover it. Of course, if you can contribute and cover it yourself, that would be awesome indeed. After all, it's all about the community. Those wishing more information about recording screencasts, can read more information here

Awaiting the flood of excited contributors :)

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TuxSax said...

As I'm about to build a UEC and had never done that before, I'd like to see if there is a possibility of a screencast of building a basic cloud, kinda kickstart for cloud newbies.