Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day-2 Ubuntu Cloud Days

Yesterday was great! It was Ubuntu Cloud Days, the event was packed with very interesting sessions, hundreds of attendees, lots of questions got answered, tons of ideas and comments were made. I personally had lots of fun, and was literally stuck to my keyboard the full time of the event

Let's zip through what happened yesterday (If you missed it, Click the time to read the logs!)
16.00 UTC kim0 (me) took-over, gave a quick introduction about cloud computing, differences between public and private clouds and what the cloud fuss is all about
17.00 UTC semiosis started a great session about building scalable distributed storage on the EC2 Cloud using Glusterfs for improving redundancy, and performance
18.00 UTC SpamapS gave a cool presentation and hands-on demo of a new Ubuntu ground breaking "service" management framework called Ensemble. While in early development phase, it's already working well and is changing how we look at server management
19.00 UTC hallyn took over presenting a technically deep discussion and hands-on demo about LXC Linux containers technology. This is a light weight Linux virtualization (or container) technology
20.00 UTC soren took over to talk about OpenStack, one of the cloud stacks that Ubuntu ships with 11.04 that's been getting lots of cloud people excited lately. Soren explained how the whole thing got started, explained the architecture, answered lots of questions and discussed what we should be seeing in the future

Here's a sneak peak of today's sessions

Thu 24th Mar
16.00 UTC rebundling/re-using Ubuntu’s UEC images — smoser
17.00 UTC UEC persistency — tetet
18.00 UTC Puppet Configuration Management — Daviey
19.00 UTC Using hadoop, divide and conquer — edulix
20.00 UTC UEC/Eucalyptus Private Cloud — obino

Let's get crunching on even more cool sessions today! If you’re new to IRC, you can simply use this web page to join. For more information, check out the wiki page, also feel free to ping “kim0″ on IRC!

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