Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today is Ubuntu Cloud Days

Today is .. dum roll ... Ubuntu Cloud Days! The event starts at 4pm UTC on irc #ubuntu-classroom. Updates to the schedule include an OpenStack session, a Eucalyptus session and a puppet session! Those attending the Ensemble session are in for a treat :) During Cloud Days, you’ll learn lots of exciting stuff, you’ll interact with tons of smart people, and you’ll just have fun! Spread the word, join in and bring your friends!

Here’s the sessions schedule
Wed 23rd Mar
16.00 UTC
 Cloud Computing 101, Ask your questions — kim0

17.00 UTC Scaling shared-storage web apps in the cloud with Ubuntu & GlusterFS — semiosis
18.00 UTC What is Ensemble? – Presentation and Demo — SpamapS
19.00 UTC Using Linux Containers in Natty — hallyn
20.00 UTC Open-Stack Introduction — soren

Thu 24th Mar
16.00 UTC rebundling/re-using Ubuntu’s UEC images — smoser
17.00 UTC UEC persistency — tetet
18.00 UTC Puppet Configuration Management — Daviey
19.00 UTC Using hadoop, divide and conquer — edulix
20.00 UTC UEC/Eucalyptus Private Cloud — obino

All session happen in IRC (Freenode) in #ubuntu-classroom. If you’re new to IRC, you can simply use this web page to join. For more information, check out the wiki page, also feel free to ping “kim0″ on IRC
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