Friday, March 25, 2011

Ubuntu Cloud Days, Day-2 Summary

Yesterday was the second and final day of cloud days. It was such a blast! Very interesting stuff, and very cool community to be part of! In case you missed it, you can still read up the logs, and you can reach me and others for questions and comments on #ubuntu-cloud .. Let's quickly zip through yesterday's sessions

16.00 UTC smoser gave a very good introduction to the different ways with which you can rebundle UEC or EC2 images for Ubuntu, how you can customize them and the different pros and cons. Scott also answered lots of questions
17.00 UTC tetet started by presenting some interesting new features and tricks that can be used with UEC namely persistency, which means kexec'ing the kernel to load from an EBS volume resulting in persistent UEC instances. Thorsten zipped through the session quickly, but as a pro instructor, he was very well prepared with links to graphics, links and documentation
18.00 UTC Daviey wowed the crowd with a puppet introductory session, he showed how to configure apache with puppet and what it takes and deploy a basic system to get running fast. It was a great session
19.00 UTC edulix took over to present an awesome session about using hadoop and its map/reduce programming model to crunch on large (we're talking terabytes) of data on lots of machines. Very interesting and useful session
20.00 UTC obino had the final say on cloud days. The session was about UEC/Eucalyptus. He presented a detailed architecture of the system, what each node does, how things work. He also explained how to get started contributing to the eucalyptus community. 

It was a great event. Big Thank-Yous to everyone who presented in UCD. Till next time o/

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