Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cloud Python hackers wanted

A while back I had blogged (yes the one with the big uncle Sam pic) asking for people interested in working on a python tool to help migrate ebs AMIs across ec2 regions. Since then the project has progressed a bit:

- Project page is now:
- Project is now able to launch two utility instances in the two specified regions, and mount the source volume in the source instance
- What remains is attaching a destination volume, and sync'ing over contents. More details can be found on the blueprint:

Development pace has now slowed down significantly, as such I am renewing the call. This is a great way to start getting involved with cloud development, and to join the Ubuntu Cloud and server communities! joining in is "easy", you don't even have to know lots of python to start hacking! The steps are very well defined, and I am happy to help with all steps along the way. If you are thinking about it, go ahead and get in touch with me right now (kim0 on irc, kim0 AT or join today's irc meeting (6pm-UTC #ubuntu-cloud and start discussing how you can get involved


Abdelrahman said...

Kimo, cannot find u online, but i will be glad to do it :)

Ahmed Kamal said...

Awesome, join #ubuntu-cloud anytime man and ping me

Ahmed said...

nice project but When I review it I think it need to make use of route 53 to update the DNS also

Ahmed Kamal said...

Hi Ahmed, feel free to join in and help improve it :) I'm not sure why we'd need DNS, but let's talk :)