Friday, December 3, 2010

Announcing Ubuntu Cloud Portal

Another rocking day for the Ubuntu Cloud community! The Ubuntu Cloud Portal has just been launched hurray. The portal helps new-comers to the Ubuntu cloud community quickly find interesting information they may care about such as documentation to read/edit, projects that may interest them and so on. In this first release the following is available

Front page: Lists important news to the Ubuntu Cloud community, latest tweets and happenings (RSS). The front page also features the widely anticipated (drum roll please ... ) AMI Locator application which helps anyone using Ubuntu on the EC2 cloud quickly locate the AMI needed. Go ahead and bookmark this right now
Documentation: Quick links to useful documentation pages on the wiki. If you'd like to start contributing, let me know
Community: Pointers to where you should be, mailing lists you should subscribe to, forums and IRC rooms that should interest you
Developer: Once you're ready to start contributing, this page should list all open-source projects that relate to Ubuntu and the cloud. I have added quick links to locate code/bugs/community/features for every project
Planet: Collecting Every word written about Ubuntu Cloud on the world wide web (RSS). If you think your blog should be aggregated here, let me know!

This is only the first release, so I'm sure lots could be added. Please do ping me if you would like to help improve the portal in anyway, or generally if you'd like to contribute to Ubuntu Cloud efforts. I've put together a quick video demo'ing the portal

I would like to thank the Ubuntu server and cloud teams for their help and guidance. I would also like to thank Adnan Belmadiaf (daker on IRC) for his continued contributions to this portal. Adnan is a 22 years old Ubuntu user living in Salé, Morocco, he works as a Web Developer. He's a member of the Ubuntu Morrocan Team, and involved in different projects such as (The Ubuntu Manual ProjectThe Loco Directory, The elementary project). It's that fuzzy warm feeling of contributing to Ubuntu that keeps its community rocking. Let me know what you guys think in comments.

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