Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Introducing Ubuntu Cloud-Init Technology

Ubuntu Cloud-init is an awesome piece of software that helps Ubuntu run as great as it does on the cloud. Cloud-init kicks in as the server boots, and starts converting your server from the generic template it has been started from, into the server image you need. Coupled with the easy to use cloud-config syntax, it's just so easy and quick getting this rolling. Check out this screencast, where I introduce cloud-init and demo what it can be used for

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Chandigarh Realtor said...

We are trying to build a few Custom Amazon AMIs for public. We are able to successfully create the instance but unable to post the ssh key that user chooses from AMI wizard screen to authorized_keys automatically.

It seems like that cloud-init can help us and we need to download the ssh key from instance meta data and put into the authorized_keys file. I am thinking to write a custom handler for that. Do you think that there is a better way ?