Friday, December 3, 2010

Ubuntu Cloud Forums a great place

The Ubuntu Cloud Forum is a great place to be in. We launched the forum about 3 months ago, thinking it may not see much activity. However surprisingly (in a positive sense) we're getting tens of active threads per month, each with hundreds if not thousands of views! Thanks to everyone in the Ubuntu forums community for making this such a great place to be in!

In case you're wondering, you can easily access the Ubuntu Cloud Forum at:

And if you're an efficiency superhero who wants the information to come right at your fingertips, you can follow the forums RSS feed at:

The Cloud Forum is not only for people wanting to ask questions (although it's great for that!), it is also a great place for people to share experience and knowledge. If you have just setup UEC on a brand new server farm in some fancy way, or if you've built your infrastructure on top of Ubuntu on EC2 and you're proud of what you've built, chances are others, like yourself, are going to want to learn about how to do the same. So join in and share the love

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