Monday, December 13, 2010

Fix Eucalyptus for Natty yourself

In a previous post I mentioned how the Ubuntu server community needs your help fixing some broken packages on the next shiny Ubuntu release "Natty". I wanted to see just how difficult can it be to actually fix those bugs, so I decided to go crunching on a couple. Much to my surprise, fixing those bugs turned out to be way much easier than I thought. I created a couple of patches, mostly just adding one parameter or moving things around to make the build process happy, submitted the branches for review, et voila it gets reviewed, merged, and the bug which is attached to your branch gets automatically closed. Quite an easy process indeed! Once the bug closes, you get an exceptionally warm fuzzy feeling that you just helped the world, contributed to making millions of Ubuntu users happy!

Which brings us to this post, I see the Eucalyptus package is broken on natty as well. The list of remaining packages is at: As can be seen, the Eucalyptus packages are "High Importance", so this is quite a significant contribution from anyone who cares about the helping the cloud community (or the server community in general). I would like to encourage you to start fixing those bugs, if you'd like help the #ubuntu-motu channel should be very helpful


colin said...

From this Ubuntu user who doesn't know anything about programming, thank-you for making my computer work better!

Anonymous said...

Ahmed, will Eucalyptus be 2.0.1 (upstream released Oct 20) in Natty?


Ahmed Kamal said...

Hi marrusl,

I pinged the dev team, and the answer is basically it depends on how well testing the new version goes. So 2.0.1 might get in if it does not cause significant regressions. 2.1 however is guaranteed not to get-in for natty