Monday, December 27, 2010

Ubuntu Cloud Tech Content

I had sent out calls to the Ubuntu cloud community asking what kind of technical content or training materials (tutorials, screencasts ..etc) they were interested in seeing. I got quite some feedback that boils down to the following being the top 10 topics
  • Modifying Ubuntu images and rebundling to EC2
  • Creating images from scratch with vmbuilder
  • P2V and V2V conversions (Physical, VirtualBox, VMware...)
  • Advanced cloud-init (custom handlers, multi-server, includes)
  • Provisioning and deploying Web applications (e.g. rails, django) to the cloud
  • Best practices for upgrading a server install cross-release
  • Load balanced LAMP multi-tier installation
  • Best practices around creating cloud instance snapshots
  • Backing up live cloud instances
  • Restoring cloud servers from backup/snapshots

Now, what's a better way to spend your holidays than hacking together content addressing those needs! Yup, nothing beats helping your fellow Ubuntuians :) So if you're feeling like contributing content to any of the above, drop me a comment or shoot me an email (kim0 AT If you'd like to contribute to some other content, do grab me as well! If you're unsure, or want to talk about how you can get involved (there's always a way) tune in to the weekly cloud community hour

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